Edward and Wanda Wills live in coastal North Carolina where Edward is recovering from a 2013 stroke.  He was blessed that Wanda started the Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) process only three days after his stroke.  This allowed benefits to be approved in five months, the minimum time allowed by regulations.  Only 35 percent of applications initially are approved.

Wanda, a former journalist and public relations executive, had no prior knowledge of SSDI or the approval process.  This proves that an attorney or advocate (special trained representative) does not need to be hired to file for you.

Edward was a journalist at The Indianapolis Star, South Bend Tribune, The Toledo Blade, and editor at Kiwanis magazine.  Wanda was part of an investigative reporting team at WAVE-TV (Louisville),  and a reporter at WLEX -TV (Lexington, Ky.)  and at The Indianapolis News.  She also owned Wills & Associates, an Indianapolis public relations firm.

They wrote Hidden Money:  Your Guide to Social Security Disability Income to demystify the approval process.

Specifically, this ebook will:

  • Explain the steps to SSDI approval
  • Share steps and experiences in Edward’s approval
  • Encourage readers to file without hiring professional assistance

Edward has bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Ball State University.  Wanda has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin.

We hope this guide helps you along the journey.

Questions and comments should be directed to: hiddenmoneyssdi@gmail.com or hiddenmoneyssdi.com.

Encouragement for stroke survivors and caregivers can be found at Better After A Stroke, a Facebook group that Edward leads.